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Wheat Rusks

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Description :

  • The '' Minoan Wheat Rusks” are kneaded with olive oil and the special way our production creates images in the mind of delivery. They are a perfect snack as a source of energy for our body.
  • Baked twice in a wood oven and obtain in this way their distinct flavor and bright color. They form base of the Mediterranean diet as they contain oil and is rich in fiber.  It is natural product without adding preservatives and for this reason they are  ideal for the proper functioning of the human organization and contribute to proper and healthy nutrition and mainly they are the perfect snack for people who are on diet and however they want and to have energy in their body.


Ingredients : Wheat flour, leaven, yeast, salt, olive oil.

Useful information : The wheat rusk consists of flour milled in mill and differs for the golden color. Complex carbohydrates contained not significantly disturb euglycemia in the body maintaining the feeling of satiety for longer time. This has the effect of reducing the feeling of hunger and reduces the "snacking", favoring the attainment of normal body weight.


Nutrition facts Per 100g Per serving (13g)
Energie kcal, kj/100 g 373,5 1580,7 48,5 205,4
Fat saturated fat 3g 0,67g 0,4g 0,08g
Carbohydrate 76,5g 9,95g
Sugars 3,2g 0,4g
Protein 13,4g 1.7g
Salt 1,9g 0,2g
Arbitral fibers 6,56g 0,85g