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Nikolaou Winery Niobe Red Wine

The Niobe was the daughter of the king of Phrygia,Tantalus and Dione, the wife of  Theban Amphion and the mother on that many nice children who were paired them niobids. According to Homer’s Iliad, she had six sons and six daughters and boasted of her progenitive superiority to the Titan Leto, who had only two children, the twin deities Apollo and Artemis. Titan Leto was the mother of Ancient Gods of Olympus, Artemis and Apollo. When Titan Leto learned that she indignant and asked her children to punish the proud of this mortal woman (meaning the “Niobe”). So in deliveries both gods throw with infallible arrows, while the Artemis focus to kill her daughters, and the Apollo focus to kill her sons. From this tragedy according the Greek Mythology survived only two of the Niobe’s children: the Amykles & the Melivia. In others only Melivia survived and she renamed her name as Chlorine, so to avoid the anger of Tinan Leto and the punishment from her children gods, Appolo & Artemis. The bodies of the dead children lay for nine days unburied because Zeus had turned all the Thebans to stone, but on the 10th day they were buried by the gods. Niobe went back to her Phrygian home, where she was turned into a rock on Mount Sipylus (Today named as Yamanlar DaÄı, northeast of Izmir, Turkey), which continues to weep when the snow melts above it.

Characteristics :

  • Grapes Variety : Cabernet Sauvignon,Merlot,Syrah
  • Colour : Bright red colour with violet hues.
  • Aroma : Aromatic profile of red fruit, spices and vanilla.
  • Taste : Sugary with velvety, rose fragnance, particular freshness, fine tannins that offer an elegant palate and a sweet long after-taste.
  • Vineyard : Selection of mountainous vineyards of
  • Aliveri Evia island, Central Greece. Mediterranean clima with soft winters and dry, fresh summers.                                   
  • Way of vinification : The grapes are carefully gathered and handled. Red classic wine vinification follow with approx. 4-5 days with quick extraction under controlled temperature at 20-22oC Malolactic fermentation follows.
  • Alcohool : 10,5%                    
  • Best served : 08-10oC.

Suggested Cuisine :
Korean stir fried beef with garlic,soy and sesame. Roasted eggplant with  tomato and basil ragout. Ideal with lightly cooked meat with sweet sauces and intensely seasoned dishes, desert sweets. Can served as aperitif.


Product Package
NIOBE, Red Semi Bottle 750ml
Sweet. Carton/pallet
12 Bottles/Carton 55