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Nikolaou Winery Erato Red Dry Wine

Nikolaou Winery Nikolaou Winery Erato Red Dry Wine was one of the nine muses of Greek mythology. It was the muse of lyric poetry and hymns. It depicts a lyre. According the Greek Mythology, Erato was the daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne Titaness. She was considere the protector of marriage and love. Even considered dance inventor of hymns to the gods and general protector of Poetry. Main symbol was the lyre and the guitar, the forminx and barbitos. Always displayed upright and sometimes almost completely naked. The Muse Erato is devised erotic poems, wedding, poetry, music and the dialectic.


Characteristics :

  • Grapes Variety -Cabernet Sauvignon ,Merlot, Syrah
  • Colour - Bright ruby color with purple overtones.
  • Aroma- Complex bouquet of  red fruits,cherries and prunes blended with aromas of sweet spices.
  • Taste- Medium-bodied with rich texture.Palate with balanced acidity and a pleasing aftertaste of soft tannins.
  • Vineyard- Located in Evia Island, Central Greece.
    Mediterranean clima with soft winters and dry, fresh summers.
  • Way of vinification- vinification-The grapes are carefully gathered and handled. Red classic wine vinification follow with approx.4-5 days with quick extraction under controlled temperature at 20-22 C Malolactic fermentation follows                   
  • Alcohol-  11,5%   
  • Best served-14-16 C.


Suggested cuisine : Goes with barbeque meats, red meats with red sauces, flavorful red pastas,lamb,beef.strong-flavor cheeses


Product Package
Erato, Red Dry Bottle 750ml
12Bottles/Carton 55