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Multigrain Bread Sticks

Our organization is able enough to distribute consignments on schedule due to a productive supply chain network we have. We have advanced packaging systems available to make sure that the products are packed using the experts approved packaging stuff. We source the material from the leading vendors in the industry.


Description :
The “Minoan Multigrain” breadsticks are healthy and nutritious snacks for any time in the day. Suitable for all ages. You can take them with you at work and mainly they are well in any activity outside of home. They are rich in nutrients and taste. They may be combined with savory and sweet respectively and also they are the perfectly Snack with Tea & Coffee.  The “Minoan Multigrain” breadsticks are rich and intense flavors.

Ingredients : wheat flour, whole flour, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, wine, vegetable fats, salt, sugar, yeast


Packaging 150gr & 350gr


Nutrition facts Per 100g
Fat kcal, kj/100 g 517 1947
Fat saturated fat 27,6g 2,3g
Carbohydrate 54,3g
Sugars 0,4g
Protein 12,7g
Salt 1,4g