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Argyriou Manteio Red Wine

The Oracle(Manteio, Red dry wine) is a combination of cosmopolitan variety Cabernet Sauvignon and local Mavroudi. The purpose of creating this prestigious wine aging is to draw attention to the particular characteristics of each variety. Specifically, the CabernetSauvignon with a rich volume of phenol and intense tannic nature is harmoniously combined with the unique flavor profile of the variety Mavroudi .Mavroudiowes its name to the dark, nearly black color of its berries.The uncharted territory of thisvariety’s wines reveals a some what heavy aroma, a sweet and rich taste, and rather hefty tannins.A grape that gives wines apt to ageing in the barrel.In 2013 as a great year for mainland Greece, yielded surprising results. The mild without extreme summer temperatures, gave us good acidity and therefore wines with long aging perspective. Also ideal sparse rainfall 15 days before harvest contributed to the simultaneous alcoholic and phenolic ripening. The conclusion of a "great" year for red wines in Central Greece.


Specifications :

  • Protected Geographical Indication - Parnassus
  • Varietal Composition - 80% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Mavroudi Arachovis.
  • Performance - 60hkg / ha
  • Annual Production - 5000 bottlesof 750ml
  • Filter - Unfiltered
  • Aging - 12 months


Characteristics : Deep red color with complex aromas of red fruit, hints of chocolate, coffee and oak make up a dynamic wine. Ripe tannins together with its impressive density create conditions for long aging.


Βαsic Analysis :

  • Alcohol - 14.9%
  • Total acidity (H2SO4) - 6.9g/lt.
  • Volatile acidity (C2H4O2) - 0.32g/lt.
  • Residual sugar - 0.26g/lt
  • PH - 3.52g/lt.


Recommendations :

  • Ageing in bottle -Eight(8)  years.
  • Transfusion - At least 30 minutes prior to consumption.

Suggested cuisine : Combines well with succulent Red Meats, Game and Smoked cheeses, Lamp & Beef diches, T-Bone steak, BBQ Spare ribs, Roasted duck, Peking duck, Sweet & sour pork, Black paper pork, Fillet or Crispy Chicken with in Red paper or Sweet-Chilli or in Orange Sauce, Combination Rice Noodles with Beef, Pork, Chicken, Egg and Vegetables, Brownie with double Chocolate, Chocolate Soufle,Chocolate crape with Chocolate &Bisquits, Dark Chocolate, Fried Banana with Chocolate Ice Cream.